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Graham Corporation

Developing Solutions – Building Success

Graham Corporation, a Knoxville based company firmly rooted in East Tennessee, is recognized for developing and managing quality shopping centers. Graham searches for the best locations, envisions the future, and develops award-winning commercial centers.

Whether involved in development, acquisition, renovation, or management of property, Graham is committed to building positive relationships and providing that extra level of service with both tenants and partners.

Graham Corporation, with nearly 2 million square feet of property, owns and manages six commercial centers, an office building, and residential properties, and has other projects under development. Graham also owns and manages Knoxville Expo Center, creatively reusing a renovated retail store as a consumer expo center.


featured development

Merchants Towne Square
total sq. ft: 600,000
land area: 50 acres

Merchants Towne Square (MTS) is a commercial development stategically located halfway between East and West Knoxville serving a previously untapped bedroom community.

contact: Rob Graham / 865-693-7000



Graham Corporation
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